Outside games4

Sunday is Funday!

Sundays are a free day; a day in which there are no scheduled classes or activities.  If you were to visit, you would see the high schoolers and young teens lounging around in their rooms or watching TV, more than likely in a trance staring at their phones. While the zombie apocolipse is happening in […]


Water fun!

During the recent Cambodia Water Festival Holiday, we drained one of our fish ponds to try to catch a very large catfish that somehow got in there and was eating all the smaller fish! The kids promptly started playing in the run off. Oh, and that fish? Yeah, we got him! A big thank you […]

12th Grade

School Year 2019-2020

I finally got everyone grouped up during the first week of school.  Typical first days excitement wearing spotless white or blue shirts and pants or skirts that still have zippers intact.  Also sporting backpacks with all the necessities. The Taiwanese Businessmen’s Association supplied us with backpacks and notebooks, but everything else; from school supplies, clothes, […]