Inadvertently in the News

This week Wat Opot found ourselves in the news – and unfortunately not for the right reasons. On Wednesday, we woke to a series of emails from concerned friends and supporters alerting us to the fact that ABC Radio in Australia had broadcast a piece which contained some biting criticisms of orphanages and voluntourism. Not […]


Behind the smiles

We post often about all the wonderful things going on at Wat Opot. We post often about all the projects, the games, the events that take place. Posts that show the smiles, the joy, the laughter. Posts that reflect the time and energy put into our children’s future. What we don’t post often about is […]


Is That Toto?

Recently the skies turned black and rain began to fall… that is not unusual here in Cambodia, even though it is a bit early for the rainy season. The wind also started to blow, like it usually does, but instead of blowing itself out in the first few minutes of the storm, it picked up […]


A Weekend Away

Thanks to Mr. Sunny and a group of his Taiwanese business friends, we were able to take all of the 25 children, who were not able to visit relatives this Khmer New Year, to Phnom Penh for a weekend of fun, food, and games. We started at Kids City where there were many interesting (and […]


Orphanage Facts

There has been a lot of negative discussion about orphanages and children’s communities recently, especially those here in Cambodia. Some of the negativity is deserved… but for many of the programs it is not. It takes a special calling to work with children and fortunately there are many people who answer that call all around […]


Wat Opot Fall update

Welcome to the Wat Opot Children’s Community Fall Update. Without sufficient internet, our website has been a bit neglected but a new website is forthcoming (hopefully by Jan. 2017!)   Until then this should keep everyone updated on our happenings. First up, we would like to introduce, Sophia, our new year-long Kindermissionswerk volunteer.  Her initiation is complete (after allowing […]


School year 2016-2017

Quick update on our sharp dressed kids at the beginning of school: Virak’s not a monster child, he’s just big for his age and Litha’s small for hers! It’s near impossible to get the high schoolers photographed by grade since they all go to school at different times.  Here’s a photo from when they took their […]


Love at first sight

Volunteer Jaime first came to Wat Opot accompanied by Josh (a.k.a. Big Josh) who first came to Wat Opot in July 2015.  As the unyet medically undocumented Wat Opot fever overtook Josh, as it has done with so many, he returned again and finally gave up and found a job in Cambodia so he could […]