The Girl Guides

28 June, 2009 They drove nearly 100km to spend their Sunday morning with our children. Nearly 60 Cambodian Girl Guides and their leaders came out in two, 12-passenger vans, for a morning of activities. They played games, did some Arts and Crafts, and read the children some stories. And just before they left Mr. Sary […]

Ko So Young

9 June, 2009 She came for a day of filming, for a Promotional Video and although in South Korea and other parts of Asia, Ko So Young is immediately recognized as a famous Movie Star… at our Community she was just another visitor and she had to prove herself worthy of acceptance just like everyone […]


There are a lot of visitors and volunteers who come through our gates and we are so very grateful for each one of them. They bring with them new ideas and perspectives on life and when it is time to say goodbye… most leave a good part of themselves with us. Goodbyes are always hard […]

WatOpotIAN Progress 2

REWARDS The reward of those who fast, Knowing a feast awaits them, Is emptiness, While those who fast, Knowing not when they shall eat again, Find fulfillment. In my search for the Truth, I have found that most of those people, who occupy high places in society and can speak with great intellect about Spiritual […]

Watopotian Progress – story

February 2009 The first children’s dormitory in our new 20 year development program is going along quite well. The Lion’s Club of Taiwan is sparing no expense in construction materials and the manner in which they are constructing the building will guarantee us years of use. We are very grateful to YuMei Huang who got […]