Visitors who we do not allow to stay

Over the years a few very large snakes have found their way onto our property. This is not such a surprise since our property is quite large and we have natural areas and ponds where they can live quite comfortably feasting on rats and other rodents.   They only become a problem when they decide […]


Hello everyone,Like most people around the World, we have been laying low because of the Corona Virus. Fortunately for us, however, we have several acres of land to move around on and so we really don’t have anything to complain about. In fact, with the exception of those children returning to us from home visits […]


May the memories you are making today be as memorable as the memories you made in the past. This is one of the first videos ever made on Wat Opot and it not only contains many, many memories for us but is also a very good source for those interested in our history.

DSC04445 (2)

Life goes on

As the world continues on in turmoil.  The day to day life a Wat Opot child leads is somewhat simplistic.  Besides being ‘home schooled’ and having about 20 of their fellow Watopotians still staying with their relatives, times are not much different than usual. One such example is our Sunday ‘free day’.  ‘Free’ meaning no […]


Uncertain times.

It’s a bit lonely at Wat Opot these days.  Usually the kids go to visit their families the first of April to celebrate the weeks long Khmer New Year Holiday, but with schools closed because of the Corona Virus outbreak, we started arranging for them to leave early. After loading up and lots of good-bye […]



Lots of children pass through our program … some more vulnerable than others. Many of them stay for months or years, while others leave when they become adults. A few stay only for a short time and then return home, not necessarily because the conditions that brought them to us have changed, but because a […]



The challenge this weekend was to clean out one of our irrigation ditches. We are in the dry season and the pond was so overgrown that even the ducks couldn’t find a place to cool off. A big job… but plenty of volunteers to do the work even though the temperature was in the high […]

Kate Korpi at Opot100 (1)

Step up!

Justice and Soul Foundation, along with Kate Korpi Salon, came to Wat Opot for a day of games, beauty and fun.  The visit was the brainstorm of StepUp, an initiative  started by graduates and students who wanted give back to communities in need.  This is a beautiful example of paying it forward! After 2.5 years […]

Food at Opot24

How does your garden grow?

The rainy season brings a daily reprieve from the heat but also the abundance of water helps our garden grow with minimal care. Right now we are in the dry season, but with a little effort of hauling hoses and water, which is pumped from our ponds, everyday, we can now successfully grow food year […]


HKUST January Visit

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Service Learning students have been visiting Wat Opot for almost 10 years.  What started as a day visit has turned into 4 days of learning, cultural exchange, and FUN, not only with our kids, but at the local primary school as well. Having this partnership with HKUST […]