A Day Away

For the past year the children have been turning in cans and plastic bottles for recycling and…   we finally made our goal of $200.00. So we took them for the promised day out. The video below will give you an idea of how our day was spent. Hope you have as much fun watching […]

Wat Opot’s new TukTuk!

Xenia Polunin (a.k.a. Mujin) blessed Wat Opot with her presence again.  Mujin manages her late uncle’s foundation, the Douglas A Campbell Foundation (DACF).  Last year the DACF donated the money to create a beautiful volunteer dorm. The DACF continues to be a generous supporter of Wat Opot, sometimes when we least expect it.  Last month […]

Changes 2012

Life is full of changes and although I sometimes dream of the day when I can just sit back and relax, without my mind having to think about what step should be taken next, I know that as long as I am able, I will most likely continue making changes. Wat Opot is a reflection […]

Light and Rainbows

Hi, My name is Jean Lindsay and I come from New Zealand. This is my third visit back to Wat Opot, the last time was in 2009. Whilst planning my trip, I wanted to include some craft work that I could do with the children, something they would enjoy doing but also would be able […]

Jon Sochea (Lan Krome)

We all knew the ending of the story, long before the final chapter even began, yet we continued to read it, page by page, hoping, that somewhere in the final paragraphs, the Author of Life, would include a miracle… but He didn’t, and though we grieve, we all know, that in time, we will once again […]

Peace Garden

  In June, 2011 we were visited by KD – an extraordinary and unforgettable  Vietnamese nun.     While touring Wat Opot she was motivated about the plans to convert one of the ponds and surrounding area into a Peace Garden. A place where children and adults alike could go to meditate, contemplate, and just relax […]

First Day of school

The kids were super excited as always to head back to school.  Who doesn’t love the first couple of days – new clothes, new backpack, crisp unmarred notebooks, long pencils with erasers intact, pens that work, and of course, new bicycles! The proud new 7th graders the first up and on their way not wanting […]