Dara Lim

Director / Sociologist

Dara has an undergraduate degree (2010) in Psychology and worked for our Youth in Transition program from 2012 – 2014.  He then worked for another NGO as a Counselor/Social worker with a focus on reintegration and family assessments. He started working part-time with us Jan. 2016 and then full-time June 2016.


Wayne Matthysse


Wayne began his work in Cambodia with the Catholic Office of Emergency Relief and Refugees in 1998, where he met Mr. Vandin San. Together they created the organization, Partners in Compassion, to help the victims of HIV and AIDS. After extensive research into the needs of these victims they decided to build a hospice. In February of 2002, Wayne took up residency at the Wat Opot Project and has overseen its growth and development since that time.


Hong Pheap

Kitchen Staff / Nighttime Caregiver

Hong Pheap has been living and working at Wat Opot since 31 March 2006. She lives here with her 2 children, Kunty and Tori (her son, Lan Krome, died at Wat Opot in 2012). She is employed as a cook, and lives in and manages the boys dorm.


Sitha Keo

Teacher / Tutor

Sitha has been with Wat Opot since 2008 and is responsible for tutoring, but helps out where needed either mending clothes, caring for the preschoolers or just hanging out with the kids.


Channly Dul

Kitchen Staff

Channly has been with Wat Opot since 2002 and was initially hired by Wayne to cook for him (as he grew tired of Khmer food). Her son, Tay-Wong (who is in the 3rd grade) spends most afternoons at Wat Opot.


Pheab Ho


Pheab has been with Wat Opot since 2009 and has either built or renovated every building on the property. He is skilled in every aspect of the property from electrical, to construction, to the grounds and gardens.



Nursery Caregiver

Sophong has been with Wat Opot since 2016 and is responsible for the nightly care (bathing, brushing teeth, clothes, etc.) of our young children in the nursery. She then gets them ready for the day each morning.


Melinda Lies

Programme Coordinator - Finance

Melinda initially came to WOCC in fall 2010 as a volunteer and as so many do, she immediately fell in love with the place and its inhabitants. Unlike others, though, she was in a position to stay and now calls Wat Opot home. Melinda is the resident Mommy and her duties are as varied as the children in her care.


Paul Phall

Night Caregiver

Paul has been with Wat Opot since 2009 and is responsible for the nightly upkeep of the boys and their dorm. He also makes sure the younger boys are dressed and ready for school each morning.


Giacomo Serra

English Teacher

Giacomo worked for educational and cultural projects in Tanzania and Ethiopia, as well as a copy editor and translator in the publishing field. He taught English to Preschool children and High Schoolers in Ethiopia and has been a Wat Opot teacher since November 2017.


Sina Khin

Youth-In-Transition Coordinator (part time)

Sina grew up at Wat Opot and has a degree in law and is well versed in the Ministry of Social Services requirements for residential care of children. Sina is based in Phnom Penh and has run our Youth in Transition program since Jan 2016. He manages many aspects of the Phnom Penh students’ lives such as checking their school attendance, grades, housing, and finances.


Jaime Gill

Programme Co-ordinator

Jaime works on a number of programmes and projects, including a peer support programme for youths living with HIV at Wat Opot and in the surrounding province, English teaching for children from the local community and sports activities including a football programme. He has 13 years of NGO experience, including 3 in Cambodia, and has volunteered for Wat Opot on a permanent and ongoing basis for 1 year.



Nursery Caregiver

Touch has been with Wat Opot since 2017 and is responsible for the daytime primary care (bathing, brushing teeth, clothes, etc.) of our youngest children in the nursery/preschool.