From time to time people ask us what they can do to help us and so we are providing this Wish List for your consideration. If you have any questions please contact us.

Education Fund. During the school year (November through August) our combined daily educational cost for all of our children living at the center is about $25.00. This includes lunch money, snacks, and fees for extra classes.

Supply List

Please note that when we receive items we do not need, it’s difficult to get rid of them.  We do not, at this time, have another organization to give them to and we can’t just ‘give them away’ in the village as there is no way to choose who gets them and who doesn’t.  Please consider this when donating items you no longer need.

We have a wish list on Amazon.com that lists educational toys and games.  To view that list click HERE

Toiletries – These can be bought locally – and we can assist the purchase.

(not samples or travel-size hotel items – hotel toothbrushes are made to last as long as your trip, not for months)

Deodorant (roll-on or stick, no spray)
Soap (bars – non-whitening)
Hair brushes
Bath towels
Wash cloths


Play food and other preschool kitchen items
Board games
Any type of little play cars for our preschool
Any type of “little people” and accessories for our preschool (like Fisher Price)

Arts and Crafts:

Beads (preferably not plastic)
Old or broken jewelry or other jewelry supplies
Felt, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies
Glue sticks
Children’s scissors (left handed too!)


New underwear (boxers and/or briefs for boys, bikini style for girls) sizes 2 yrs. up to 6 yrs. (we do not need any bigger sizes)
New socks, for our teens
Boys/girls shorts sizes 4 – 8 (preferable jean shorts or other sturdy material)
New or gently used white button down long or short sleeve shirts (sizes 4-10) that can be used for school.
New or gently used dark blue or black pants/shorts/shirts (size 4-10) that can be used for school.


Bed Sheets and pillow cases (all sizes / styles) – preferably not white

Items that we do not need

White skinned, Blond hair, blue eyed baby dolls
Pencils (We have a very large stock)
Crayons  (large stock compiled from past donations)
Clothing other than listed above
English Books
Tennis style shoes that cover the whole foot (it’s too hot and rainy for closed toe shoes)
Broken toys or those missing pieces (just plain frustrating!)
Toys requiring batteries
Barbies or other demeaning toys that make impressionable children feel less than adequate
Weapon toys of any kind