New Rice

3 July, 2009 For those of us not as gifted in the Arts, there was also something to do. Backbreaking work in the HOT HOT Sun pulling up new rice to be replanted. Everyone is expected to work including the young. In Communal Life there can be no sluggards and no time for goofing off! […]


Friday 3 July, 2009 They finished the Dinosaur but I wasn’t sure where they were going with the rest of the painting… and neither were they. They spent a lot of time evaluating and trying out different effects. How to do the babies in the pouch was especially difficult for them. They started with three […]

The Girl Guides

28 June, 2009 They drove nearly 100km to spend their Sunday morning with our children. Nearly 60 Cambodian Girl Guides and their leaders came out in two, 12-passenger vans, for a morning of activities. They played games, did some Arts and Crafts, and read the children some stories. And just before they left Mr. Sary […]