Papa Steve

The Wat Opot Children’s Community gets many people coming through it’s gates… most are on Journeys that started long before they arrived. Steve Jessup is one of those who came to us in search of finding meaning to life. Unhappy in his work and his marriage and not satisfied with the advice and council he […]

Final update on Ann Marie

She gave us a scare after developing the fever and the doctor said she would have to be hospitalized for IV therapy. They had started her on heavy doses of antibiotics and ARV medicine when she tested positive for HIV and that started a fungus infection in her mouth. We had lost other babies in […]

Ann Marie Update

I don’t usually share negative things but would like to bring you up to date on the condition of Ann Marie. A few weeks ago she tested Positive for HIV and so the Doctors started her on strong antibiotics which resulted in her developing Thrush. This is not uncommon especially in HIV babies, however yesterday […]