The Walled Community

Work begun recently on a new fence, which will eventually close in our entire community and it is expected to be finished in about 3 months. The work is being done by a local contractor but being paid for by the Taiwanese Businessmen’s association,  which is the same group that built our Boys Dorm,  pictured […]

Light and Rainbows

Hi, My name is Jean Lindsay and I come from New Zealand. This is my third visit back to Wat Opot, the last time was in 2009. Whilst planning my trip, I wanted to include some craft work that I could do with the children, something they would enjoy doing but also would be able […]

Jon Sochea (Lan Krome)

We all knew the ending of the story, long before the final chapter even began, yet we continued to read it, page by page, hoping, that somewhere in the final paragraphs, the Author of Life, would include a miracle… but He didn’t, and though we grieve, we all know, that in time, we will once again […]