Leaving Home

Like any family, our children grow up and start life on their own. This year we are loosing 6 of our resident children. Five are on their way to University and one will be staying with four of her brothers who are all living in Phnom Penh.   They are not the first and they […]

First Day of School

Every year we go through the same thing on the supposed first day of school, the kids insist, “The teacher says we must have everything ready!”, and every year we tell them the same thing, “No you don’t, your teachers won’t get organized for another week!” and every year they respond with, “but this year […]

Busy Days

There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before groups come and this past week we had two very important groups visit. Fortunately most of our children don’t mind working.                                             […]


Four of our resident young people took their final exams and all of them passed! Thavery – Pesei – Nhanh – Longdy We are very proud of all of them! Now the task of getting them out of the nest and learning to fly on their own. Saman, who was living in Phnom Penh, also […]