A Simple Christmas

From money saved in the Volunteer fund we were able to buy a new refrigerator for Chhang’s Place, allowing the old one to go to the volunteer dorm, which freed up the small refrigerator we were using there to put in the new girls dorm, making everyone happy. Because we are trying to teach the […]

End of an Era

There are few who know this story but back in the year 2001 the World Food Program (WFP) had a policy of NOT giving rice to HIV and AIDS Programs. We know because we tried to get some help with our patients and got turned down. The idea to ask had come to me when […]

Wat Opot’s new TukTuk!

Xenia Polunin (a.k.a. Mujin) manages her late uncle’s foundation, the Douglas A Campbell Foundation (DACF).  Last year the DACF donated the money to create a beautiful volunteer dorm. The DACF continues to be a generous supporter of Wat Opot, sometimes when we least expect it.  Last month we received a surprise email stating that they […]