Home Visits

Ten years ago a man came to us in the latter stages of AIDS. His wife had already died and he would follow her in death a few months later. Although at one time he had been very well off, he had spent everything he had on treatments and in the end, had to ask […]

Another Day to Remember

A few days ago a group of Korean young people spent a day with us. They were well prepared and started off with a class on cleanliness and dental care. They had brought with them coloring books that went along with their presentation and paper for the kids to draw on. The suckers were perhaps […]

The Last Bag of Rice

When the World Food Program stopped providing rice to our people several months ago, we decided to help 10 of the poorest families adjust by giving them 50 Kilos of rice per month for six months. The rice was purchased from excess funds we had in our general account.   Those funds are now depleted […]