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One person’s trash…

I was in a cleaning mood.  With such a large family, things end up shoved here or there awaiting a permanent home which many times should be the trash, but there is always that feeling “you never know…” When going through the kids cafe and kitchen, I found a large bag of mismatched containers, lids […]

A Day Out

The children have not been off the grounds for some time because of the Pandemic. There have not been many cases here but the schools are all still closed and we have been home-schooling them four hours every day, six days a week. For that reason, we wanted to take them out for a day, […]

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Sunday is Funday!

Sundays are a free day; a day in which there are no scheduled classes or activities.  If you were to visit, you would see the high schoolers and young teens lounging around in their rooms or watching TV, more than likely in a trance staring at their phones. While the zombie apocolipse is happening in […]