chalk Art76

Chalk fun!

There is this window of an hour or more every morning when the kids have finished breakfast and our childcare staff have not arrived yet.  Roughly from 6:30 to 8:00.  And then once the staff have arrived the children have until 9:00 to play until they have to get to their school lessons.  These lessons […]

Sunday fun11

Superhero invasion

On weekends our childcare staff have off, so it is up to me to keep the kids busy all morning.  Sometimes I wheel the game cabinet and puzzles outside. Or other times, I pull the TV outside just for a change of pace. Outside things that are usually utilized inside is the key.  It brings a […]

Saturday photo shoot117

A brief moment in time.

The schools are still closed here so the primary school teachers send out worksheets a couple times a week.  The kids complete and we send back.  They actually look forward to these worksheets…a break in the monotony of being homeschooled every afternoon by our staff, perhaps?  It’s a far cry from going to the public […]