New Smiles

Wat Opot is a little lighter these days…not much but a little.  Smiles are a little different, a little more one-sided for some; while others smile a little bigger and brighter.  I guess that is what happens when you take 7 dental personnel and turn them loose for 3 days at Wat Opot. With the […]

Rabbit Island

  The children were up and dressed by 5 o’clock…in anticipation of the buses arriving at 6:30. The little ones were trying to keep their new clothes clean while running up and down the long driveway looking for the bus.  It was a chore to make sure every one of the kids had a set […]

New Aussie Friends!

After finding Wat Opot through the internet and numerous email communication, Anette  and her daughter Jodie finally arrived for the day.  They were given the infamous tour with Rortana and Wey close at foot.  It wasn’t long before school let out and the kids came pouring back home… surrounding their new visitors.  Lunch soon followed, […]

First Day of school

The kids were super excited as always to head back to school.  Who doesn’t love the first couple of days – new clothes, new backpack, crisp unmarred notebooks, long pencils with erasers intact, pens that work, and of course, new bicycles! The proud new 7th graders the first up and on their way not wanting […]

One Day On Earth

Yesterday was “One Day On Earth Day” and around the World people were doing something special to commemorate it. Since we did not have much funds, we decided to take the children up to Chisol Mountain, which is just a few miles from us, to do a small video from the ruins. We will submit […]

The Happening Place

Wat Opot is a happening place; a place seemingly always in flux with volunteers coming and going, buildings changing inhabitants and new ones popping up.  But amongst all the change, Wat Opot is still a home; a place where children have the freedom to learn, run, play, laugh and cry; a home for a little […]

Princess Fiona has arrived!!

Leaving Shrek back at the swamp; Fiona Newsome has made her annual trek to Cambodia. This vivacious Kiwi has found a way to use her creative and artistic expression whilst contributing to the lives of those less fortunate. Paua Flowers is an outlet which provides funding for her humanitarian cause, Flowers for Cambodia. Apart from […]