Water fun!

During the recent Cambodia Water Festival Holiday, we drained one of our fish ponds to try to catch a very large catfish that somehow got in there and was eating all the smaller fish! The kids promptly started playing in the run off. Oh, and that fish? Yeah, we got him! A big thank you […]

12th Grade

School Year 2019-2020

I finally got everyone grouped up during the first week of school.  Typical first days excitement wearing spotless white or blue shirts and pants or skirts that still have zippers intact.  Also sporting backpacks with all the necessities. The Taiwanese Businessmen’s Association supplied us with backpacks and notebooks, but everything else; from school supplies, clothes, […]


Families united!

There’s something special when whole families choose to volunteer for us. It’s not common but when it happens we find it an even more fulfilling and fascinating learning experience than usual, for us and the volunteers. Parents often see it as an opportunity for their children to learn about a different culture and people of […]


Natural Play

It’s a world of electronics with kids bent over giving their full attention to a tiny screen as the world goes by around them.  And yes, a few of our kids fall into that category, but they are easy to spot…just look for the pod of bodies huddled over and giving verbal support to the […]


In addition to play

Young children want to help, but they often get pushed aside as sometimes their ‘help’ is anything but.  At Opot, the young ones have plenty of opportunity to help out within their limitations.  Creative help is what we have come up with.  To give them a sense of accomplishment and the ability to feel good […]


Halloween in February?

My cousin sent us many costumes and combined with the few dress-up clothes we had, the preschoolers had Halloween in February! As most know, we are gender stereotype free which is good because we have many more donated girls clothes and items than boys, so our boys take it in stride.  Especially in the dress up […]