Baloon Balls in the pool30

New Pool Toys!

More than a year ago, we were given these balloon bags by the founders of Thomas’ House, Gaye and Roy McPhee, along with some other items.  I had put the bags in a very secure place in our store room…so secure that I promptly forgot about them! While doing some necessary ‘spring cleaning’ I came […]


Pizza Party!

We had promised the kids a pizza party over Khmer New Year last month, but with Phnom Penh in lockdown we were unable to get cheese.  I was finally able to go in last weekend and bought a huge block of mozzarella so today was the day! Wayne made some delicious pizza sauce and then […]


Dude, Wat Opot is groovy!

At the end of the school  year the vast majority of uniform shirts are stained, missing buttons and otherwise “ot sa’at”.  They can’t be passed down for the next school year, so I end up hoarding them in one of our large storage buckets in the storage room…knowing that there would be a future use […]


Cement Planters

With all staff (except for Dara, Wayne, and I) off for 5 days during the Khmer New Year holiday we had a lot of time to fill with keeping the kids busy.  So with my new obsession with flowers and plants in mind, the kids tried their hand at making small ‘cement towel’ planters.  This […]

Eating Kimchi3

Kimchi Again!

The first batch of kimchi was a HUGE hit and it wasn’t long before two massive bags of mustard greens showed up with a request for more of the same.  I grabbed the only helper I could see and we got busy cleaning and cutting off the hard stems of all those greens! Did I […]


A few months back the Wat decided to fill in their part of the pond we shared and in the process, the deteriorating fence that separated us for several years was weakened and part of the wall came down. It will have to be repaired before the rains return but all of the options so […]


Making Cambodia “sa’at”

Many mornings everyone walks to school, including those who do not have class that day and those who are too young to attend.  We walk from classroom to classroom saying “goodbye” and “have a good day” and then make out way back home. One morning, as a handful of us were walking back from the […]

Playing in leaves4

Cleaning up

For many years we have had a saying here “Make Wat Opot Sa’at” (Sa’at being the Khmer word for beautiful) when ever we want the kids to clean up. The school year has started, but there is a lack of teachers so 1st through 3rd grades have been cut in half because of the large […]