Lots of children pass through our program … some more vulnerable than others. Many of them stay for months or years, while others leave when they become adults. A few stay only for a short time and then return home, not necessarily because the conditions that brought them to us have changed, but because a […]

Happy Smiling Girls.

Well the new addition of the girls dorm is finally finished!  The girl’s dorm is now complete and its 18 young residents and Melinda are enjoying the luxury of their new home.  For the previous renovations please click here. The tile is in place and the appliances bought.   Pheab is measuring for the built in […]

Wat Opot Preschool

The number of children at Wat Opot change all the time. Children come and go for various reasons; some get re-integrated back into their biological families and others had a short stay after being dropped off here without really needing to.  In 2013, we had a record number of children enter and exit our doors.  […]


Self sufficiency is the new motto at Wat Opot and the kids are really getting into it; sometimes to the extreme.  They clean up after every wedding or funeral in town and bring the cans and plastic back to Wat Opot in exchange for snacks. We in turn sell the trash to the recycler and […]