Families united!

There’s something special when whole families choose to volunteer for us. It’s not common but when it happens we find it an even more fulfilling and fascinating learning experience than usual, for us and the volunteers. Parents often see it as an opportunity for their children to learn about a different culture and people of […]


Love at first sight

Volunteer Jaime first came to Wat Opot accompanied by Josh (a.k.a. Big Josh) who first came to Wat Opot in July 2015.  As the unyet medically undocumented Wat Opot fever overtook Josh, as it has done with so many, he returned again and finally gave up and found a job in Cambodia so he could […]

Around Wat Opot

From volunteer Olivia: Wall painting of the Preschool! In the past few days Luise, Kelly and Briar (two New Zealand volunteers) and I have been busy decorating the walls in the preschool with a wonderful result. We not only included the English alphabet but also a number of Khmer letters that (anyone who has been […]