Love at first sight

Volunteer Jaime first came to Wat Opot accompanied by Josh (a.k.a. Big Josh) who first came to Wat Opot in July 2015.  As the unyet medically undocumented Wat Opot fever overtook Josh, as it has done with so many, he returned again and finally gave up and found a job in Cambodia so he could […]

Light and Rainbows

Hi, My name is Jean Lindsay and I come from New Zealand. This is my third visit back to Wat Opot, the last time was in 2009. Whilst planning my trip, I wanted to include some craft work that I could do with the children, something they would enjoy doing but also would be able […]


There are a lot of visitors and volunteers who come through our gates and we are so very grateful for each one of them. They bring with them new ideas and perspectives on life and when it is time to say goodbye… most leave a good part of themselves with us. Goodbyes are always hard […]