Lots of children pass through our program … some more vulnerable than others. Many of them stay for months or years, while others leave when they become adults. A few stay only for a short time and then return home, not necessarily because the conditions that brought them to us have changed, but because a […]

Thear ^ Nary son

Our Newest Grandson

Many years ago, when things were much different around here, we got an early morning call from someone who said they worked at a health clinic. They may have said which one but if they did it wasn’t recorded. They told us that they had just discovered an unconscious woman at their front door who appeared […]

Scary Nights

Wat Opot is a little scarier at night when everyone is gone and so when you hear the animals making a ruckus, you just hope that it is because one of them has invaded another’s sleeping space or perhaps farted in the face of one of the more dominant animals. Your mind begins to think […]

Peace Garden

  In the very beginning, when at first we decided to build the hospice at Wat Opot, I knew from experience that I would need a refuge if I were to begin taking care of the dying. At the time I had no idea that I would also eventually need it after the dying stopped… […]