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Helpful Supplies - Wat Opot Children's Community

From time to time people ask us what they can do to help us and so we are providing this Wish List for your consideration. If you have any questions please contact us.

Supply List

Please note that when we receive items we do not need, it’s difficult to get rid of them.  We do not, at this time, have another organization to give them to and we can’t just ‘give them away’ in the village as there is no way to choose who gets them and who doesn’t.  Please consider this when donating items you no longer need.  Additionally, Cambodia, specifically the capital city of Phnom Penh has changed considerably over the years.  There are exponentially more items available so we can purchase locally instead of relying on shipping or volunteers to bring things to us.  It is more beneficial all around to purchase what we can here; cheaper cost and postal savings, not to mention the carbon footprint.

Toiletries – These can be bought locally – and we can assist the purchase.

(not samples or travel-size hotel items – hotel toothbrushes are made to last as long as your trip, not for months)

Deodorant (roll-on or stick, no spray)
Soap (bars – non-whitening)
Hair brushes
Bath towels
Wash cloths


Bed Sheets and pillow cases (all sizes / styles) – preferably not white